• Telefónica Perú

    - Migration of Unix Servers (PowerPC / SPARC) to x86 on Virtualized platform in Oracle VM and Vmware and RHEL Operating System.
    - Migration Middleware Layer IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM MQ.
    - Migration of Oracle Databases.
    - Homologation of Unix Origin Operating Systems (AIX / Solaris) to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
    - Design, Implementation and deployment of Oracle VM and VMware hypervisors.
  • State Bank

    S390x zVM mainframe platform management, proactive and reactive support plan. Disaster Recovery. Implementation of IdM IPA for centralized user access control to the linux platform (zLinux - x86). Incorporation of RedHat Satellite as a version management and deployment platform for RHEL5, RHEL6 and RHEL7 servers (zLinux - x86).

Other success stories

  • Banco Popular Dominicano

    Dominican Popular Bank

    República dominicana

    Proactive Support to Red Hat products. Installation and configuration of Red Hat Virtualization, Openshift Container Platform, Red Hat Satellite.

  • Banco de Crédito del Perú

    Credit Bank of Peru


    Migration to zLinux: Survey of provisioning processes and definition of good practices for the Red Hat platform on IBM Mainframe.

  • BHP



    Automation consulting for Technology management at a Global level (Australia), to organize and make technical synergies in the different automation projects of BHP in the management of Technology foundations.

  • Cable and Wireless Panamá

    Cable and Wireless Panamá


    Red Hat Cluster Storage implementation, implementing a Hiperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution.

  • BAC Credomatic

    BAC Credomatic

    Costa Rica

    Design, Implementation and launch of Red Hat Satellite. Integration of 50 virtual Servers

  • Previred



    JBoss ON - Installation and configuration: Monitoring of the different Red Hat Middleware applications. Dockers - Planning, Construction and Tunning: Container management solution with the ability to keep current versions of Linux operational in their applications developed for previous versions. In addition, it allows a rapid deployment of services.

  • Ministerio de Obras Públicas

    Public Works Ministries


    Installation and configuration of its platform Integrated Citizen Service System (SIAC) for customer service: Where the JBoss EAP, JBoss Fuse, Red Hat Satellite products were implemented.

  • Telefónica Chile

    Telefónica Chile


    Infrastructure implementation of 1,000 Linux servers for the AmDocs solution and associated projects, installing Single Sign On with Red Hat Idm-IPA, installation and configuration of Servers for BigData, cluster configurations at the S.O. level. RHEL, Red Hat Satellite administration, Proactive Support with personnel assigned to Telefónica's offices, Reactive Support and consulting on new technology projects.




    Infrastructure Cloud (IaaS) with Openstack.