About us

We are your trusted source for consulting services that accelerate your digital transformation to achieve results. We offer industry-specific strategy and infrastructure consulting services to help you accelerate your processes and achieve your goals.
  • Blue Smile Technology offers an agile approach to assess and analyze current digital activities, architecture, infrastructure, sourcing and processes to chart an effective digital transformation journey, while identifying opportunities for cost savings and quality improvement.

    We have helped companies in various countries and industries discover and remove technology barriers to business growth, improved performance, and digital transformation.
We are a company that follows a business model based on open source technologies, which exceeds the classic system integration model, offering our clients simple, useful, compatible and competent systems that allow them to achieve their objectives with cost efficiency and a marked competitive advantage.

We define values ​​such as:

  • Engagement with the client

  • Punctuality with the service

  • Transparency in the proposal

  • Courtesy in the deal

  • Affinity with your business needs

  • Balance in Social Capital